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What are we up too?

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  We’re Learning? As we prepare for new release, we’re going to be releasing incremental features at shorter iterations. We’re also going to be setting the priority of interface releases first to the JSON API, followed by the selected order of mobile platforms iOS, HTML5, Android and then JavaScript.   New Features At this stage, […]

New iOS Release

The new iOS release is finally ready We took all our customers’ feedback into priority to deliver this release. Hence and while it’s numbered with a minor version (1.7.1) it does address many minor enhancements from both technical and functional aspects.   New Functional Features Feedback – Automatic screen capture and sharing: your users are now […]

Sorry – We Broke Things

We’ve been doing gradual update to our new InAppSocial brand which can be seen on the website, developer portal, REST API and SDKs. In a recent minor upgrade to our Amazon production environment, we did break few things. We are really sorry, we messed up. We tried to maintain a smooth transition to the new […]

What’s New

We’ve collected all feedback on the service and we’ve been in implementation and getting ready to launch the new release shortly by March 20. The social conversation service is being tested in a private cycle with current partners. It allows you to easily configure any type of conversations such as reviews, opinions, ratings, or any […]

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Corporate Updates

We would like to update you on what we have been up too this year; New Brand: We really liked the WyHint brand, it means questions (the Wy) and answers (the Hint). But we wanted a name and brand that  can convey a simpler message. We hope you like our new InAppSocial name. New Product: While the […]

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