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Conversation Engine

Enable users of your app to interact with one another in app.

Social Syndication

Make it easy for your users to broadcast in app activity to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Context Aware Feedback

Easily capture the context around in app user feedback.

Social Action Bar

Get users to engage, promote and discover your app using integrated social features.

Why your app needs social

Community Building

Increase in app engagement by engaging with your users and enabling them to interact and form a community around your app.


Get users talking about your app and helping you obtain new users while giving you valuable feedback to improve your app's appeal to potential users.

Reputation Management

Effectively manage the reputation of your app by moderating user reviews before they're published to app marketplaces.

What developers are saying

"InAppSocial will eventually take us to app autonomy."

David Roach, iOS Freelancer

"In App Social allows the developer to easily adapt all the perks that facebook and twitter has all within your own app. To put it succinctly it creates a community for your App. The users can run through your product and In App Social can be made aware of this and direct the social context around the user. Relevance is key, and that is what In App Social delivers dynamically."